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February Fun-A-Day

I am hereby participating in the NYC February Fun-A-Day. 

Here’s a description from my friend Jessie –

“please join us!!!

Taking inspiration from our comrades in Philly, we are putting a call out for the 1st Annual NYC Fun-A-Day so that we can all make it through the end of winter.

The concept is simple: Choose one fun thing to do each day for the entire month of February. Share the final product(s) at the Fun-A-Day Show on March 1st (location TBA). If your fun-a-day is to make artwork or produce something, bring those things to the show. If your fun-a-day does not result in a final product, make a record of your product in some way to share at the show. While this has primarily been an arts-based activity in Philly and other cities, we really want to see people doing all sorts of fun things (and even challenge artists to do non-artistic fun-a-days) so think outside the box. this is not another NYC gallery show.

Check out what Fun-A-Day is all about and what others have done in the past from the Artclash Collective, the brilliant founders in Philadelphia: http://www.facebook.com/l/00a3d;artclash.com/

My fun-a-day will be studying Japanese everyday this month.  It’s been almost two years since I’ve picked up my Japanese For Busy People workbook.  My vocabulary has all but disappeared and I want to change that!


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So long but so short

It’s almost been a year since my last post.  I know why.  To say it was because of growing pains would be a trivialization, but calling it anything else would seem overly dramatic.  What I will say is that personal transformation is difficult but worthwhile, and it is an amazing blessing to have such forgiving and loving people in my life.  Ganbarimasho!

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